Tips and Tricks: The easiest way to maintain your bread starter

If you haven't read our blog about how to start your starter, find that here!

Our bread starter with nice smelly bubbles.

There are two methods of maintaining your starter, and the most popular is my least favorite. Most starter instructions require you to discard half of your starter and feed it everyday. I find this method extremely wasteful, and in my experience unnecessary. I simply leave about 25-50g of starter in my container after using enough of the happy, bubbly mixture to make my bread. After using what I need, I put my container with the "scrapings" into the fridge until I need it again!

By leaving the starter in the fridge, it essentially "goes to sleep" and when you want to "wake it up," feed it and then leave it out to double restarting the whole process. That's all you need to do for starter!

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